Audit and Planning Improvements [API]
Capacity Dimensioning Managed Services
Annual CapEx Budget Audit
RAN 3G, 4G & 5G
We will ensure that your budget is minimized Adjusted to the Quality you want to deliver
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Congestion & degradation
We locate areas that are congested or degraded, we provide a detailed analysis on levels and impacts on subscribers
Quality delivered
At any point in your network, find out howfast your subscribers are connecting
Correction Investments
Investments needed to ensure all subscribersthroughout the network are getting the desired quality correcting current congestions and degradations
Traffic forecast
We provide an accurate forecast of the traffic evolution cell by cell. Our stochastic forecasting model is used in the nuclear industry
Fixed Wireless Access
With the Pilrys FWA extension, you can find out what lines are available and what quality subscribers are experiencing.
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Monitoring, Forecast & Planning [MFP]
Real Time Analysis
QoS Issues Detection
Network ReConfiguration
FWA lines still available for sale
For each cell, the number of FWA lines that can still be sold with the same quality without degrading the existing ones
Capacity remaining
Unused capacity available for new trafficand revenue
FWA lines stock management
Monitor the stock of FWA lines sold and stillavailable in real time